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academylms high-quality technology training content. Our team of industry professionals has been training manpower for more than a decade. We aim to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and the professional world.  We have a professional team of trainers for technologies ranging from Mobility, Web to Enterprise and Database and Server Administration.

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2022-07-29 06:42:45


2022-07-21 06:10:13

Very Nice description

2022-04-23 13:01:04

muy buerno

2022-03-16 12:14:59

ничего интересного

2021-09-19 03:23:24


2021-08-08 03:07:34

The explanations are clear and not too fast. The instructor is easy to understand and hear. With all due respect to other instructors; this instructor doesn't talk too much about irrelevant filler ... he is consistently on topic. I just wish it was more. I find that if I learn the building blocks free; really deep understanding of building blocks then I am more inclined to use those groups for paid material. Thank you for this class free of charge it was very helpful.

2021-08-08 01:40:36

Enjoyed it but wish I could download the powerPoint slides